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Ava Donaldson

Designers You Should Know: #PFW Edition

Amidst the #fashionarmy at Chanel and sticker eyeliner at Dior, you should also know about a seriously successful faux-snakeskin technique and why trousers were a break through for one designer.

#fbf: Behind the Scenes at Milan Fashion Week

They turned a palace into a raging discoteque!

Designers You Should Know: MFW Edition

Milan is home to some of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Brands such as Fendi, Ferregamo, Missoni and Prada have all been run by the families that founded them, keeping them as inaccessible as their price point. However, there’s a new wave of designers coming out of this Italian city. These newbies […]

#purelyloves: #tbt to #NYFW

Fashion month flies by do quickly that we overlook so many events and shows.

#purelyloves: Our Designers at #LFW

London is a city that fosters a large number of unbelievable brands that are just getting their start.

#purelyloves: The Denim Newcomer

Clearly, White is the New Black.

#purelyloves: The PR Assistant

There is really nothing negative I could say about this show or collection.

#purelyloves: The Critic

The whole scene felt like a party that happened to have beautiful models floating two feet above everyone else.

#purelyloves: The Writer

The vibe was new-age mod: influenced by Italian Cinema in the ’60’s.

#purelyloves: The Photographer

The best moment was reconnecting.