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Purely Fashion

Ava Donaldson

#purelyloves: The Blogger

Since this is my 5th season, I’d consider myself pretty seasoned, meaning I always carry a pair of sneakers or flats in my bag to change into if I’m wearing heels.

#purelyloves: The Editor

I love me some fashion-centric performance art.

#purelyloves: The Publicist

I’m pretty lucky to work and be friends with some genius designers so every season my mind is blown.

From Esquire to Beautified

I would love to write a screenplay on my year spent couch surfing and cocktail waitressing while I got Beautified off the ground.

From Michael Kors to Manhattan Magazine

I have realized that publishing and retail are more connected than I thought.

A Day in the Life of a Model in NYC

Models serve as muses for designers and as identifiable role models for consumers. I think that’s why diversity and social media have become so important in the fashion world.

Behind the Scenes at Bergdorf Goodman

There is never a dull moment working in the shoe department!

A Eye Into the Accessories Company Ahead of the Trend

It’s wild how much of an influence reality stars can have.

How a career with Prada turned to Wellness

They do compliment each other in the desire to feel special.

The Production Company Responsible for Top Campaigns

Inherent in directing and creative producing is leaving an impression, that is the point.